LetsVenture | India's most trusted platform for Startups

Started in 2013, LetsVenture.com is today India's most trusted platform for Angel Investing with access to highly curated and personalised deal flow from India and beyond. We have 3809 investors registered on our online platform. In past 5 years, LetsVenture has enabled 170+ transactions with more than USD 70M infused into Startups like Innov8, DailyNinja, YourDost, Bobble App, MyUpchar, TestBook, Ayurveda Experience, Ketto, Adpushup, Little Black Book, Drivezy, Porter, Wishberry etc.

Here are the benefits for Angels -

  1. Access highly Curated Startups - LetsVenture curation process is a complex 3 tiered process. There is the first level of platform ranking based on our proprietary rating system, followed by the LV team conversation with the founders, and then crowd curation by the angels on the platform. All this put together ensures that as an investor you have access to the best, curated deal flow.
  2. Get Personalised & Matchmade Deals - Fine tune your investment preferences and we automatically send startups matchmade for you. Our ML based Recommendation engine also learns from your online behavior and shows you right startups.
  3. Search & Follow ‘Hot Deals’ - Power search through 58 sectors and over 500+ actively fundraising Startups. You can also browse through our Startup collections to find trending deals and more.
  4. Co-Invest - with the best lead investors as part of their syndicate, or with experienced angels.
  5. Connect with Founders instantly - our realtime chat platform helps you connect with founders quickly and engage in meaningful discussions privately and securely.
  6. Manage your Portfolio - with our quarterly Startup reporting and portfolio tracking.
  7. One point Contact - Relationship Manager is assigned to you as soon as you register on the platform and he/she is your single point of contact for queries, discussions going forward.
  1. Create your Syndicate - work with our team to create your Lead syndicate profile and get access to a large and active investor community
  2. Aggregate backers for your Lead Syndicate and close deals super-fast
  3. Manage your Syndicate - track commitments from backers in real-time, send personalised messages and close the deal quickly
  4. Personal Concierge - a dedicated LetsVenture analyst will help you manage your syndicate from zero to closure
  5. Avail Lead Incentive - receive 5-15% carry when you lead deals on LetsVenture.
  6. Easy Paperwork - LetsVenture will provide you complete support from commitment-to-closure (due diligence, term sheet, SHA and share allocation).
  1. Build your Brand - create your profile and attract high quality startups
  2. Co-Invest with Marquee Investors
  3. Syndicate with investors who are aligned to your vision or bring expertise
  4. Manage your portfolio
  5. Centralise your investment reporting & progress

Register on LV Titans, a private platform created for you to get exclusive access to growth stage startups. Visit the Website (http://lvtitans.com) to get started.

We break down the engagement with LetsVenture into 4 aspects:

  1. Pre-Commitment: Here you can login to the platform or the mobile app and browse startups. The startups are personalised to your profile. If a startup is of interest to you, you can connect to the founder, your RM at LV or to the lead investor. Based on the information available to you, you can commit on the platform.
  2. During commitment period: As the startups continues to syndicate, you will get updates on the deal progress. Once 80% of commitments come in, LetsVenture in partnership with the Lead Investor and founder initiate due diligence on legal and financial aspects of the startup. During this phase, you get weekly updates on the progress. Call for money is done once the DD is successfully completed and accepted by the Lead Investor.
  3. Post Commitment: LetsVenture pools the investments through a vehicle registered with SEBI (LV Angel Fund) so that all investors come on the cap-table of the startup as a single entity. LetsVenture will do the complete deal documentation (legal paperwork).
  4. Post investment: LetsVenture will provide a quarterly progress Report containing important business metrics, Financial health for all your portfolio Startups. We will also arrange for a quarterly conference call with your Portfolio Startups. We will also provide you with valuation report of your investments on an annual basis.

According to SEBI Angel Fund Regulations, "Angel investor" means any person who proposes to invest in an angel fund and satisfies one of the following conditions, namely,

  1. an individual investor who has net tangible assets of at least two crore rupees excluding value of his principal residence, and who
    1. has early stage investment experience (it means prior experience in investing in start-up or emerging or early-stage ventures, or
    2. has experience as a serial entrepreneur (it means a person who has promoted or co-promoted more than one start-up venture, or
    3. is a senior management professional with at least ten years of experience.
  2. a body corporate with a net worth of at least ten crore rupees
  3. an AIF registered under these regulations or a VCF registered under the SEBI (Venture Capital Funds) Regulations, 1996.

An Angel Investor must invest a minimum of 25 lakhs INR over five years in the startups he/she likes, through the Angel Fund.

Additionally LetsVenture equires that the Angel Investor is aware of the risks of investing in Startups as an Asset class.

When you decide to invest, you will be required to complete the one time KYC (Know Your Customer) that requires your address and identity proof as per SEBI requirements.

Investors can fill up the join form on LetsVenture.com or get referred by any other Investor (already on the platform). In both cases, our Investor Relations team will review and approve your credentials before providing you the login for the platform.

  1. There is a one time fee of 25k INR to sign up to the Angel Fund
  2. 1% of the commitment is charged every time you commit through the angel fund (INR 5k being the minimum)
  3. LetsVenture charges a 5% carry on exit.
There is no formal accreditation process for investors in India. However, LetsVenture does its own verification of credentials and identity as per SEBI regulations for Angel Fund (AIF) before onboarding any investor on the Platform.
  • Personal information - Linkedin profile URL, photo, designation, contact number etc.
  • Investment preferences - Investment budget, preferred sectors for investment, investment thesis.
  • Investment profiles - Financial information required for the paperwork.
  • Startup portfolio - List of Startups showcasing your investments.