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LetsVenture featured syndicate is a good way to invest in high quality startups. Including this, your personal investing experience and advice from experiences angel investors can help you find the quality startups.
LetsVenture’s partners do all the financial and legal due-diligence for the startups before taking in any money from the investor. A Due Diligence report is issued prior to the signing of the Shareholder Agreement. We also rely on the social proofs and background of the startup and team members. Besides this, all investments on the platform have the legal paperwork to protect your investment.
Your investment is based solely on your own judgement, knowing the risks involved in this dynamic marketplace. We do not guarantee on the investment return as it is dependent upon the market scenario and startup execution.
Angel investing is not a liquid asset until the startup gets into future rounds of funding (Series A/ Series B, during which the angel investor can make potential exit). The timeline for the same depends on each startup. As of now, LetsVenture does not facilitate secondary share sale but we do have plans to introduce this in the future.
The founders shall be personally liable to the investors to such extent as may be documented in the terms and conditions of the respective investment agreements.