LetsVenture | India's most trusted platform for Startups

LetsVenture is a global platform with startups from all over the world. At present we have startups from many countries registered on the platform. We have funded many Startups registered in US and Singapore as well. 
LetsVenture follows two modes of Startup curation:
  • Investor Connect (Fundraising): We soft curate startups for Investor Connects based on the Startup Funding Readiness Index. The curation is based on the Startup's Team Profile, Traction, Financials and Investor Deck.
  • Featured Syndicate: We hard curate the best Startups for featured syndicates. These syndicates typically have 30-40% of the round completed and the Lead Investor identified. See more details here.
Please contact us at startups@letsventure.com to know about the fee structure for fundraising. Note that the platform is free to any Startup to sign up and the fee is charged only after successful deal closure.
Valuation of a Startup is determined primarily in consultation with the lead investor. LetsVenture provides guidance based on industry benchmarks on valuations, from startups who have raised funding. However the final decision on valuation is negotiated between the Entrepreneur and the Lead Investor.
In case, the lead investor is not yet identified, the valuation can be set by the entrepreneur. In such cases, investors can negotiate directly with the entrepreneur if they wish to, once they participate in the round.
A Lead investor is someone who is willing to step in and don the mantle of the captain of the investor syndicate.  The Lead investor should ideally have engaged with the startup for sometime to understand the business, and see how he can support the entrepreneur. Read in detail about the responsibilities here.
The LetsVenture C2C (Commitment to Closure) package consists of Financial/Legal Due Diligence along with all the legal paperwork performed by our partners. As part of the C2C package LetsVenture coordinates between the Startup, Investors and DD/legal partners to do a speedy deal closure and transfer of money into the Startup bank account.
LetsVenture has partners who conduct Financial and Legal Due Diligence for the Startups. Typically this happens simultaneously with the round being raised on the platform. The Due Diligence process could take about 4-8 weeks.
The business due diligence is done by the Investors themselves. The onus is on the investors  to understand the fundamentals of the business.
Though, we recommend to use our C2C package for efficiency and effectiveness. Investors & Startups can work with their own partners for getting the DD/ Termsheet/ SHA paperwork done.
There are two types of services involved - DD and Legal paperwork. These are charged directly by the service providers who provide Startup friendly rates to LetsVenture portfolio Startups.
LetsVenture has a standard termsheet created for Angel round of funding for Startups. You can subscribe below, to download the Termsheet.
LetsVenture will co-ordinate all the paperwork for the Startup Funding from commitments to closure through our C2C package. Investors and Founders are involved where necessary to make this a seamless and easy experience - 
  • Financial and legal due diligence: We provide seamless DD paperwork through a network of our reputed partners
  • Termsheet: We have standard termsheets for seed/angel  round of funding. The standard termsheet works for most cases, it can be customized depending on the startup and the investor requirement.
  • Shareholder Agreement (SHA): Our lawyers will work with the Startup to draft the right SHA for you.
All the paperwork documents are stored on our cloud storage with complete privacy and security. We are also in the process of automating the signing process through our online partners.
Owing to the restrictions prescribed by law, a Startup can't solicit investments from more than 200 investors at any given point in time. In light of these restrictions, we ensure that any Startup registered on the platform is not viewed by more than 200 Angels.