• Kochi, India
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Online shopping pleasure marries offline shopping experience. The next fashion hub #FashionBeta

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Team of 5 comprising of two web developers and designers, a marketing professional, a system admin and a network admin. This team has worked in the service sector for a year developing websites and providing IT solutions to clients. The urge now is to develop a product that brings about a change in the huge E-commerce segment for good.


Product/Service Summary

FashionBeta aims to provide a digital catalog of all the products in the field of fashion and lifestyle to the users of the city. The user can view the offers and generate exclusive discounts from FashionBeta to make the deal a tad bit sweeter. User gets to the store and applies the discounts on the product they like on sight.

How are we different?

We intend to bring people back to the stores. The reason people go for online shopping is lack of knowledge about the products and their availability in their vicinity. If people get to know which store holds their desired product, they would go and try out related products and buy only if they like it, not because they paid in advance. Difference

Product/Service Descriptions