• Bangalore, India
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Get Fit anytime, anywhere. Community of experts & fitness enthusiasts. Maximum Flexibility & Wide Variety. Pay-as-you-go Model.


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Team Summary

A small team that is currently working part time. We have one of the founders who handles the tie ups and agreements with the various fitness centres in a city. We have one more person who is handling the content generation and social media activities. We are looking for a Tech person at the moment.


Product/Service Summary

Building a community that would be a platform to motivate and encourage users/people to start living a fit and happy lifestyle and making it part of their daily routine. We will be offering short access like daily, weekly and monthly passes to fitness centres. It would be a pay as you go model. Pay for the classes one attends.

How are we different?

Pay as you go model. Offering flexibility in terms of when to workout (time) and where to work out (location). Variety in terms of what fitness activities one has access to without any long term contractual obligations. At present there are platforms that are based on a monthly subscription model, which is different from our model.

Product/Service Descriptions