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CNC Machines that let you make things. Automate your production and grow your business threefold with our machine. Proudly made in India

Steady Revenues

Startup Video



fbots was founded on this same date by Amir Ahmed



New Product Release

Our First industry scale product sold.



New Product Release

Our best value for money CNC released and priced under 1 Lakh.


New Product Release

A CNC built for in house production and to meet our operational expenses.




Successfully commissioned foampro vibracut, a PU foam cutting cnc in Pune




Factory Supervisor Product Manager
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Lucknow, India
Machine Learning, Product Management, Ability to lead team, Ability to question "Why Not?", Engineering

Job Description
The designated person should be able to provide periodic updates of the job being carried out in factory and should be able to gauge the problems arising before hand. He should inculcate leadership skills in himself so that he is treated with due respect by his subordinates. The passion to bring out anything from nothing is necessary

Corel Designer Product Manager
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Lucknow, India
Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop

Job Description
The designated employee should have decent enough expertise to work on corel draw.
Later on induction the same employee will be provided training to import these designs on CNC and produce final product..

Employee based in Lucknow will be preferred.

Team Summary

We are a team of six people:
Amir Shabeeh Ahmed:
Visionary and passionate about his work. He dropped from NIT Allahabad after 1st year to pursure his dreams.
Chief designer and product development head at fbots.
Before starting fbots, He trained students about aeromodelling and robotics in many colleges at national level including few IITs.

Virendra Kushwaha:
Diploma holder in electronics but his knowledge and experience is unmatched. His die hard problem solving (technical) attitude enables us to be efficient even in tough times.
Previously worked for MNCs like HCL, trelleborg and Moser Baer.

Kamal Singh:
Diploma holder and joined fbots as first company. But his fast catching ability enabled us to take the responsibility of the complete Tool Room. No part production passes without his magical touch on his CNC Machining ability.

Pradeep Kushwaha:
Intermediate, but he is the most hard working person at fbots. He may not be able to take leading role in manufacturing processes but once he does a task once or twice, no one else can do it better than him.
He is currently handling our assembly division.

Vipin Maurya:
Completed his engineering from IERT Allahabad in Electronics and Instrumentation, done a few interns and then left his home city, instid going for a job he would have easily got, to pursue his career in what interests him. We met him and found him the best person to discuss future plans of the company and make strategies.
He also has some unconventional hobbies like studying economics.

Fehmeeza Khan:
She is our marketing executive. Being mechanical engineer by profession, no one can understand the requirement of our clients better than her. Having both marketing and technical skills, enables her to be a backbone of the company. Fortunately she is now wife to our founder Amir Shabeeh Ahmed.


Founding Team

founder @fbots


fbots (2009 - present)

Team Members

Virendra Kushwaha

Virendra Kushwaha

Fehmeeza Ahmed

Fehmeeza Ahmed

marketing executive

Product/Service Summary

We make CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines.
These machines are used for computerized cutting of different materials in different shapes, automatically.
Applications range from woodworking, furniture, decoratives to automobile parts, moulds and dies.

Product/Service Descriptions