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Discover local businesses as never before, through your network of trust, i.e. Friends. Refer & Earn

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Team Summary

Avi Deshmukh - Avi has over 18 years of product development experience in the Information Technology field,. He has a great passion for visual design. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Rahul Kharwadkar - Rahul has over 18 years of global experience in business applications. He is a Silicon Valley veteran and currently in Pune, India.


Product/Service Summary

A smarter targeting platform for local businesses to promote deals, events, offer loyalty programs such as rewards and referrals, and grow within customer's friends network..
A mobile app for customers to discover local businesses within friend circle, refer them in one click, post job requirements to get friend's responses.

How are we different?

Customers struggle with everyday decisions to find a local business through listing sites, internet searches, or online reviews by strangers and finally lean on friends. Well, MyBubl is the local business discover platform based on customer's friends network. It comes with a unique publishing platform for small businesses to promote deals, events.

Product/Service Descriptions