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An intelligent and convenient personal finance platform for investors in India and Indians overseas.

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How a former Flipkart director founded his robo-advisory firm | Techcircle

Covers details of our target segment and what problem we are solving for them, how we got started and what we are doing now.

Sep 28, 2016


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Team Summary

Strong co-founding team from diverse backgrounds of consumer internet, financial planning / research, technology & operations

1. Amar Choudhary - IIMB-2005, ex-Flipkart (2015, Sr Director for Strategy), Arvind Ltd (2012-14, Group Head of Strategy), Boston Consulting Group (2005-2012, expertise in Consumer & Retail and Financial Services)
2. Manish Hemrajani - NYU-Stern 2002, ex-India Head Oppenheimer, Past experiences in CIBC, Fulcrum, Fujitsu, TCS
3. Rashmi Mittal (Head of Tech) - BE Comp Sc VESIT (1995), ex-Adobe Systems, Yodlee, Covia Tech
4. Mohit Singh (Head of Ops) - IIMB-2006, Ex-McKinsey, Dell, Lodha Group

Strong group of Advisors with relevant experiences:
1. Rajiv Srivatsa – Co-Founder COO, Urban Ladder
2. Akhilesh Tilotia – Ex-entrepreneur in wealth management, currently OSD at Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ex-Head, Thematic Research, Kotak
3. Sudeep Mishra – Co-Founder and MD, TresVista Financial Services
4. Gaurav Gupta – CTO-KartRocket, Ex-CTO Freecultr, Rightster, Yahoo


    • Rashmi Mittal

    • Co-Founder

    • Mohit Singh

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

FinAskus is an automated financial planning and investing service for retail investors in India and Indians overseas, helping them better manage, grow and protect their wealth. We use proprietary intelligent algorithms to recommend and manage user investments in a customised, diversified portfolio of mutual funds - the simplest and most effective investment product for the common retail investor.

Through the FinAskus mobile app, users can safely and securely:
(i) Assess their risk profile
(ii) Optimally plan their financial goals such as Retirement, Education, Vacation, Wedding in a scientific manner.
(iii) Build customized portfolios of Equity and Debt Mutual funds chosen for optimal expected returns.
(iv) Save time and effort through automation, including paperless investments / redemptions.
(v) Track their investments in real time and on the go and review / adjust investment plans according to the changing market environment.

How are we different?

We are building the best combination of power and simplicity in a personal finance platform with minimal friction, suited for a heavily regulated Indian environment.

Our vision is to:
(a) Make the science of financial planning and goal-based investing available to the mass Indian user with a simplified and customized approach.
(b) Do away with the hassles of paperwork and making digital investments a reality with seamless / paperless process, and provide the user with engaging information at their fingertips.

In line with our vision, we have built a feature-rich offering targeting convenience and engagement as the key value propositions. With this approach, we are aggressively looking to tap into the retail investor market both for savvy users looking for convenience / engagement, and starting users looking for simplicity.

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