Finnovo Enterprises Private Limited

  • Hyderabad, India
  • Finance Technology, Financial Services

An online platform for small businesses to raise cash on their invoices from FIs/investors.


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Team Summary

Founder - Ajay Sakamuri (IITM) & with over 11 yrs exp in handling P&L, BD, Franchise, Ops, Acquisitions, Govt. Biz in Banking, IT & Healthcare sectors. Advisor - Mr. Dilip Gazarao (Advisor) 25 years in SBI, SBI GE Cards & National Sales Head at HDFC Standard Life. Talking to 1 person (IITM) in Risk & 3 people in tech (IITM, BITS Pilani, 12yrs@Infy)


Product/Service Summary

An online platform connecting small businesses (SBs) & financial institutions/investors where SBs can raise cash by pledging their invoices. With predictable cashflows, SBs can save with better rates from suppliers, focus on core competence & grow faster. For FIs/investors, better returns (18-36%), no fixed costs, portfolio/risk diversification.

How are we different?

Productized approach for each sector (hospital insurance receivables, rental deposit etc)

Controlled geographic & sector wise expansion

Feet on the street approach with offline sales team, working with MSME forums in CII, FICCI

Charges based on the returns made by lenders

Validation of each & every customer, invoice

Product/Service Descriptions