Fuel of the Future (FIRE BIO FUEL)

  • Bareilly, India
  • Energy & SustainabilityRenewable Energy, biomass

Biomass briquettes to be used as fuel to save the environment and also prove to be profitable for for industries.

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

4 people leading the company.
2 present at the plant site for uninterrupted manufacturing with the best possible quality of briquettes.
1 heading the R&D department.
! as the marketing head of the company.


Product/Service Summary

The company manufactures briquettes,a solid mass made by compressing of biomass of any kind (sawdust,pressmud,rice hust etc.).

As there are enormous industries in the country which release waste relating to wood and press-mud,which they sell out in the market for some cash or dump it. We make valuable product out of it.

How are we different?

In my line of work i came across many industrialists who are stressed out by the problems faced in coal auctioning and wood supplying and its limited stocks in the country as these are non renewable the only fuels used in boilers or furnaces,not only small scale but large scale industries like plywood,sugar mills,paper mills etc. too are interested

Product/Service Descriptions