FireFly Analytics

  • Belgaum, India
  • Enterprise SoftwareCloud, Design Analytics, User Experience

On a mission to help create user friendly B2B applications through Design Analytics.

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Team Summary

A blend of techies and designers, a perfect combination for creating design analytics. We are experienced B2B designers that understand exactly how difficult it is to understand end users.


Product/Service Summary

FireFly empowers Software Developers and Designers to create user friendly Business Applications by providing them with User Interaction Analytics. FireFly provides quantitative insights around the usage of Business Applications and hence bridge the gap between Software Developers and the actual end users.

How are we different?

Most design insights today in Business Application is done either through manual research methods or by writing custom analytics tools. FireFly is an out of the box solution that would give deeper insights even to the field level interaction, role based, in fact to the exact individual level, if you need.

Product/Service Descriptions