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Are you locked in your Fitness Centre by paying a huge amount? Get Fitness Permit and be relieved

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Team Summary

Founding Team:
Sonny and Rajeev have over seven years of work experience in IT, Banking and Engineering Services. Both are MBAs from IIM Indore and have an engineering degree.

The larger team comprises tech developer, and sales and marketing managers,


Product/Service Summary

Fitness Permit solves the problem of "lock-in" that consumers face when they subscribe to any Fitness Centres because of heavy upfront investments which cannot be cancelled / refunded. Consumers now have complete freedom to cancel anytime, extend anytime, transfer anytime, refund anytime their subscription.

How are we different?

Fitness Permit is not a marketplace in the pure sense and also not trying to create a pay-per-use model. It does the simple task of helping consumers join any Fitness Permit and not worry about getting locked in the centre. With benefits like Cancel Anytime, Refund Anytime, Transfer Anytime, Fitness Permit enables consumers to maximise their RoI.

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