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Socialize without privacy fears and have uninterrupted fun

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Team Summary

Sumit has an experience in founding and running startups, besides providing consultancy to top fortune 50 companies. He takes care of the technical aspect of flashpal.co.

Amit is an excellent business manager with an experience of 14 years. He has a keen grasp on the social networking needs of the user and is a great product manager.


Product/Service Summary

flashPal.co is world's first social platform that allows you to post for a limited time to your audience (Ephemeral Sharing), after which the posts disappear. Other features include sharing anonymously, easily asking for re-post, not sharing any details with 3rd parties and other regular social networking features.

How are we different?

Some of our competitors are: Facebook.com, Tumblr.com, Secret App.. However, our offering is entirely different because we have a social networking platform, wherein users can socialize with zero privacy concerns. In terms of features, we also allow users to preserve posts via anonymous postings and provide ephemeral sharing.

Product/Service Descriptions