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Have a night out, party or wedding with friends, don't stress about sharing your photos, we got you.

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Team Summary

I completed my MBA from Babson college, also the place where I first conceived this idea. I worked with Ashwath, my design partner while in Boston who completed his masters in design from SCAD Savannah. We then partnered with Aeon IT who have 7 years of experience in development of mobile applications who have developed the application.


    • Ashwath Anand

    • Co-Founder

    • Head of development

    • Development

    • Part time

Product/Service Summary

Flick Quick is a mobile application that allows you to share photos privately and conveniently. We are here to make your photo sharing experience simple and at the same time, ensure that your friends share their photos with you as well. Have a night out, beers with colleagues or your best friend's wedding, we have got you covered.

How are we different?

FlickQuick is not just a "whatsapp" for pictures. We have used the power of time to help you organize and sort out images so that you don't have to browse through your entire library wondering what you need to share. We have implemented time to also continuously remind you and your friends to share photos so that you don't miss a memory.

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