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FLITPAY never sleeps!Buy/Sell Bitcoin,Pay/Shop in Bitcoin,all at 1 place wid 0 txn fees,100%Secure-Legal-Transparent.Boosts cashless economy

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Team Summary

Flitpay is registered under Flit IT Services Pvt Ltd. The team behind Flitpay is the team behind FlitLance- a Flit Webs Pvt Ltd Product.
Flit Webs Pvt Ltd is a Service & Product based IT company. The company manages its business operations from Jaipur, India, since August 2012.
FlitLance is a platform where one can Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online.
After successfully launching FlitLance in 2015, the team is now looking forward to Flitpay which we believe will act as a boon to cashless economy, safe-secure-fast payments & a transparent system which is very important for India.

There are a total of 13 members:
Ashish Sangai, CEO & Director
Akash Bansal, CFO & Director
Lalit Mohan Jaimini, CTO
Manish Saini, Head Of Product-Mobile
Khushboo Tyagi, BDM
Anjali Patodi, Graphic Designer
Rakesh Kumar Kumawat, CMO
Piyush Khandelwal, Developer
Sachin Basendra, Developer
Dashrath Kumar, Developer
Upasana Tiwari, Trainee
Tanya Agrawal, Trainee
Garima Mittal, Trainee


Founding Team



Team Members

Ashish Kumar Sangai

Ashish Kumar Sangai


Product/Service Summary

Our product, Flitpay, is a Bitcoin marketplace in India. You can Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India using Flitpay. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency and is secured by military grade cryptography thus highly secure & provides protection against fraudulent activities. Flitpay verifies a user account by linking it with their PAN card and generates the invoice in the name of their respective PAN card, thus making it 100% authentic & 100% legal. We believe that in the world of today it is safer to own the digital asset like Bitcoin and boost the cashless economy, Flitpay will make it happen.

One can use Flitpay to perform fast peer-to-peer transaction, that is no bank in between while making national or international payment, thus no waiting. Flitpay charges no extra fees for these worldwide payments. There is no limitation on the amount you want to transfer. All payments are transparent resulting in zero fraudulence.

Bitcoin never sleeps and so do Flitpay.

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