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The worlds most advanced solution to waste management - make a difference without raising a stink!

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Team Summary

Founded by Dr. Kabir J. Udeshi with over 10 years of professional and management experience, the team has taken on a global challenge with creativity and skill.Its products are elegant in their simplicity, yet have features that make them exciting. Navneet with has 25 years of design & manufacturing makes sure things are made to last.


Product/Service Summary

Waste Management Appliances that are installed at the source of waste generation (restaurant, canteen or house). They convert all food waste into immediately usable resources - fuel gas and organic fertilizer. Users get economic benefits, while community rises to tackle to a global challenge - a sustainable, hygienic waste management method.

How are we different?

We are solving a global need through a method that makes good business sense. Our tools extract the value from waste, thus transforming it to a resource.

The right tools and technology have the ability to transform. We believe our tools will be as common as refrigerators and bring about an advanced way of living that is healthy and sustainable .

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