• Ahmedabad, India
  • Food Delivery, Health Food, ONDEMAND, Food-tech, E-commerce

On-demand tech integrated healthy, customized daily meal service with revenue 3.25 lacs in 2 months

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

Currently 15 people are working in the startup including the cofounders and they all work fulltime.
We are pretty well equipped to grow our business.With the same team we can do 3 times the production we are doing right now.We have team of 10 people in operations.2 in tech, 1 in marketing and 1 in customer relations.


Product/Service Summary

Foodella,the A la carte tiffin service that leverages technology and brings hygienic food on the table at economical prices each day for non-localite students and working professionals. The best parts being 24 custom offerings for meals each day, app based ordering for extended timings and free delivery.Its a 3 step process at affordable price

How are we different?

The vision that we have for the company is what makes us different.We believe customer satisfaction as our utmost priority.We have the perfect system on tech-end which people can easily use on their finger tips.We provide healthier food and better service at a price which is pocket friendly.We have basically created an on-demand food-tech service.

Product/Service Descriptions