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Started building Foodini, an "intelligent" recipe search engine.



New Team Member

A distributed but very enthusiastic team of software developers!


New Team Member

Started working with an extremely talented set of machine learning specialists


New Product Release

Launched Open Beta



Team Summary

Foodini is led by Neerja Ravishankar. Neerja has 4 years entrepreneurial experience in food, online retail & food communities & 5 years experience in private equity & strategy consulting (KPMG, PwC).

She is supported by Prakash Raman & Sharath Shambu who both have 8 years+ experience in software development & leading tech teams.


Product/Service Summary

Foodini is an "intelligent" recipe search engine.

Learning users “taste” and “nutrition needs”, Foodini helps them discover healthier recipes, shop groceries with a click, build automated meal plans, order-in healthy meals, and get coached by a cloud-nutritionist. In short, Foodini makes it ridiculously simple to eat healthy.

How are we different?

One of the most critical problems facing Indians today is the rise of lifestyle diseases - diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. We have been working to find a simple solution to this problem. And here's where we are starting: Matching recipes to a users "tastes" and nutrition needs. We want to break the myth that: Healthy is not tasty!

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