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A Photo (passport size) is a key identity element. Yet it largely remains in paper form. We are changing that forever from paper to digital.

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Team Summary

1. Shankar is the founder of fotopod. An inventor and entrepreneur with over 20 years global experience in product and business development. Shankar is also the founder of FRS Labs - successfully bootstrapped from inception with over 17 global enterprise customers.

2. Srini – 10 Years of Sales experience working for Siemens and Intel. Srini is tasked to sell whatever we throw at him. Well, we are building products that sell itself. So, that’s a relief and makes Srini’s life easier.

3. Krishnan – 6+ years of solid development experience. Responsible for product development and product releases.

4. Apurva Narayan from University of Waterloo on an academic partnership to strengthen our face biometrics model.


Founding Team

Problem solver with 20+ experience in product and bus development. Not half bad as I look in my Aadhaar photo. Best is yet to come.


FRSLABS (2010 - present)

Vodafone (2007 - 2010)
Orpheus Project Manager

Detica (2005 - 2009)
Principal Consultant


University of Leicester
MBA • 2005 - 2007

PSG College of Technology
B.E • 1992 - 1997

Product/Service Summary

A Photograph is a key identity element. Yet it largely remains in paper format.

Currently, businesses that rely on photographs as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance obtain paper passport identity photos from consumers. For consumers, this means they need to always carry physical photos. For service providers, there is no way to verify "true likeness" and "recentness" of the identity photograph provided.

FOTOPOD will truly turn this process digital by capturing and storing the photo securely on the cloud with a set expiry period and to standard specification. The customer gets a fotopod code via SMS which can be used as part of KYC on any digital platform. Service providers can be guaranteed that the photograph is to a standard specification and the photograph is the "true likeness" of a person and is "most recent".

We are disrupting decades-old studio business model and creating a digital identity revolution.

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