Four Horsemen

  • Delhi, India
  • Design, Manufacturing, Leather, Bags

We are seeking to sell it today; tomorrow it will sell itself. Own it to flaunt it. Leather Luxury.

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

We are a group of individuals who seek to promote the craft to a larger audience. We want to the 'niche' to reach popularity unheard off ; traditionally enjoyed by the mass producing counterparts with exorbitant coffers. We want to bring back the age of the classics.


Product/Service Summary

Traditionally crafted leather bags, jackets and accessories for both men & women. We offer one of its kind made to order services too.
We seek to revive the golden period of classic designs and luxurious material. And being responsibly aware as well.

How are we different?

Our approach is what make us different. And then of course the usual samaritans that we call design, material and traditional knowhow.
Made to order services that we offer are rare to find otherwise. And whichever are there are way out of reach for a major client base.

Product/Service Descriptions