Frapee - More Gaming, More Earning

  • Mumbai, India
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Frapee is a mobile app that enables users to earn exciting discounts/cashbacks while playing games.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

• Aditya Sharma (The Souled Store) – Co-founder of The Souled Store, Bachelors of Engineering (Mumbai University)

• Siddharth Shah – Founder, SP Shah Consultants (UAE), MBA (Wharton), Bachelors of Technology (IIT-Bombay)


Product/Service Summary

Frapee is a first of its kind mobile gaming aggregator in the Indian market, that enables users to earn discounts/cashbacks while playing games. We provide points or 'Frapees' to users for winning on these games, which can be redeemed against free coupons/discounts of 100+ e-commerce & retail brands. To simply put it - More Gaming, More Earning.

How are we different?

We are the only mobile gaming aggregator in India, which is integrating niche, existing games in the market onto one platform.

To our users, we provide tangible incentives of brands (at no cost) in return for playing games, an activity which they enjoy.
Thus, as a platform, we are far more engaging to users than our competitors.

Product/Service Descriptions