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Install Freak - Select Game - Select Contact - Play,gaming is this simple with FREAK. #BEAFREAK

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Team Summary

A team of 5 with strengths in design, development, information security, marketing, sales, fraud risk, law.
Aroof Shaikh - CEO - past experience in Cyber Triumph Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Sairam Jetty - CTO & COO - 3 years corporate experience in information security, talent acquisition, operations. Has worked closely with 4 start-ups (2 full time - 2 part time).
Harshwardhan Saulanke - CMO - Handling family business till now, is a master in analyzing and understanding user behavior.
Mumphi Ghosh - Experience in fraud and risk investigations is a very creative person and has been a back bone in decision making for freak.
Ayesha Farooq - Lawyer by profession and is currently handling all the legalities for Freak.


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

Freak is an instant gaming application which simplifies the process of playing simple games by just starting a game with a single tap. Select Game - Select Contact - Play, this is how simple gaming is with freak. It also has many cool chat features to keep in touch with your gaming partner. so, keep calms and #BEAFREAK

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