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Team Summary

Saugata is IIT Kharagpur graduate of 2014 batch, with experience in analytics and data science. He has worked in banking and insurance sector. Currently he is working as primary analyst for Roadrunnr, a logistics and supply chain startup.
Arghya is IIT Guwahati graduate of 2014 batch, with a diverse academic background in Maths, CS, Statistics and Finance. He has worked on banking and social media analytics projects. Currently working as primary analyst at, a logistics startup.


Founding Team

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Arghya Sarkar

Arghya Sarkar


Product/Service Summary

The product is focused to facilitate a streamlined process where you can manage your food inventory, make seamless transition with shopping lists, have amazing recipes to choose from, at the same time keeping a track of nutritional value of food, and help people use and buy resources judiciously to reduce food wastage.

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