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We help enterprises and business owners keep their Fuel Expenses in check.

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IIT Delhi students design a device to keep a check on fuel theft and track the quantity of fuel being filled in vehicles


Team Summary

Core Team of 2 Founders comprising of IIT Delhi Alumni from Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. Prof P.M.V. Subbarao (Dean, IIT Delhi) and Mr. Amit Chari (Country Head, SafeExpress) . We have grown to a team of 10 with experts in Software Development, Sales and Marketing.


Product/Service Summary

FuelArk is a cloud based SaaS to manage fuel expenses and check pilferages. It is a proprietary technology perfected after many iterations..We provide highly accurate and automated fuel filling and pilferage reports and different engine performance indicators. All these can be accessed for all your devices from a control panel based on cloud.

How are we different?

We are the first most accurate technology present. All our devices are connected to the cloud making human element in management obsolete. Also with our software customisation expertise we can tailor our products according to specific needs of our clients.

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