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Skill Development is our life and blood, it's our bread and butter as well. Currently focusing on legal prof. but will add other fields soon

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Team Summary

Avinash Tripathi
Avinash has been bit by enteprenuel bug quite early in life. He started his first venture at the age of 14. During his law school as well, he has been associated with many ventures. Prior to co-founding Fusion Law School in 2014, Avinash used to work in S. S. Rana and Co., a leading Law Firm in India.

At Fusion Law School, he is in-charge of Content Development and Institutional Relations.

Aditya Abhishek
Aditya Abhsihek is passionate about anything that moves fast, from bullets to bikes you can ask anything from him and he will probably answer you before you are able to find it on Google.

Following the traditiona categorisation of our students in engineers / doctors, he ended up in an Engineering College. However, after spending a couple of years in an Engineering College, he realised that he have no inclination to obtain an engineering degree and decided to join Fusion Law School.


Founding Team

Avinash Tripathi


Team Members

Aditya Abhishek

Aditya Abhishek


Product/Service Summary

When was the last time, you used some thing you learnt in your college, in your day to day of life of a working professional?

For most of the Indians, the answer to this question is quite difficult. We are all set to change that.

We are currently providing 10 certifications on various fields of law. Our training course are designed by the Recruiters and taught by practicing professionals.

Our unique system enables the practicing professionals to teach on a part time basis. Thereby benefiting both the students (by providing access to practical knowledge) as well as practicing professionals (by providing a reasonable returns to their efforts).

Due to close integration with Recruiters, we have unique insights in 'what recruiters want?' and 'what skill set or jobs will be in demand next year?'

With a huge pool of talented practicing professionals and insights in recruiters requirements, we are able to provide training that actually works!

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