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"Know any great mechanic for my vehicle"?? Well, we do at

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Team Summary

A Visionary- experimental, a road less taken attitude, zaara hatke thinking

A Brahmin- Tried and tested, back to basics attitude, rooted thinking.

Substantiating each other’s pro’s and con’s we mixed,
Business + psychology =

We are a team of 27 housing some of the best talents in their respective fields.


Product/Service Summary

Problem:Ok, so you’re going to spend your life savings in buying that car just because the well-mannered sales guy told you so. Well that's not your worry yet, it starts after you own it.
Solution: A Platform where your every (yes, every) automotive hiccups are addressed with an actionable solution.

How are we different?

Ever asked a friend, know a great mechanic for your vehicle?
We understand there are 50+ websites that tell you which car or motorcycle to buy, however we are the only portal that's resolving the actual problem, what to do after you own one. Our user ratings and reviews on any automotive service will aid you in making an informed decision.

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