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  • Dubai, UAE
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This technology causes huge fossil fuel savings - on daily basis. Heavy Advertising - not required.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

Through over 6 years of RnD I now have a Commercially ready Product. I have a Patent application for the Device & Raw materials.

My brother with over 30 years of Mechanical Engineering experience will be joining me.


Founding Team

Currently full time on Fuel Producing Devices - Project.

Product/Service Summary

Fuel Producing Devices to produce Fuel at Site/Application. Will substitute and reduce Diesel, LPG, LNG, CNG, HFO etc up to 60%.

Industries to be targeted are heavy fossil fuel consumption on daily basis:

- Generators above 300kva
- Oil & Gas Burners
- Fabrication Metal Cutting - Torches
- Work Boats & barges that consume over 5 tons of
HFO per day
- 100% Portable Generators

The above are just to name a few, product possibilities are endless.

Continuous RnD to introduce new products.

A demo video showcasing the instant fuel production, the combustibility and the heat intensity of this fuel. Device Scalability can also be seen in the demo.

Product/Service Descriptions