GegaDyne Automation Technologies

  • Mumbai, India
  • Manufacturing, Robotics, Industrail Automation, Machinery

GegaDyne Automation Technologies helps automate the Manufacturing Sector using AI & SPM Machines.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Jubin Varghese -Co-Founder & CEO Mechatronics. Has handled operations & sales for Tiny Owl, Haptik Inc & Family Run business from the past 5 yrs. HOD-Munsoc

Ameya Gadiwan Co-Founder & CTO Mechatronics. Has been manufacturing machines the past 6 years. Also is a member of Team Robocon. Has made more than 30 machines till date.


Product/Service Summary

GegaDyne Automation Technologies is a Robotics & Automation startup that builds Customised Machines with High Level of Efficiency for the manufacturing sector in India. Our machines have AI integrated into them, this helps to increase the competency to deal with difficult, complex even dangerous tasks that are currently done by humans

How are we different?

As of now we are the only player in this sector from India. We build the machines that help manufacturers compete. All the machines are indigenously manufactured in India and have their tolerance comparable to the German Make. Our machines not only use Highly advanced technologies but also have AI integrated onto them.

Product/Service Descriptions