G4 Sales and Marketing Associates Pvt Ltd

  • Kochi, India
  • Marketing

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

3 Investors with a combined experience of more than 30 years in Finance and Project management. Duly divided responsibility among the investors - Finance, General Operation and Sales and Marketing. 5 Employees - 3 Field staff, 1 Accountant and 1 Store Manager


Product/Service Summary

We focus on distributing quality hardware products in the Kerala market. We link manufacturers who produce quality products with reliable retailers across the Kerala market thus providing both the retailer and the customer with more choice. We focus on first time entrants into the Kerala market, who would like to build a brand in the long term

How are we different?

We seek to establish ourselves as a premier distributor of choice in the Kerala market. We seek to distinguish ourselves through the quality of service by having a dedicated customer service team to ensure prompt service, Alert systems and a Self Service Portal through which dealers can directly order their product requirements

Product/Service Descriptions