GoalSquad - Official Sports Fan Merchandise.

  • Mumbai, India
  • FashionLifestyle, Sports, Manufacturing, licensing, E-commerce

GOALSQUAD is where Indian fans can purchase licensed merchandise and consume content of their favorite sports teams.

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Team Summary

Aashay Shah (29) - Director/Founder
Kushal Mamoowala- Social Media Manager
Yogesh and Pranali - Accounts
Sudhir and Zarana- Developers
Ashish and Sapna - Search and on-line marketing Optimizers
Amit - Store Manager
Gaytari - Customer Service
Ramakant and Nitin - Warehouse and Dispatch .


Product/Service Summary

Goalsquad.com sells official merchandise of the biggest and most popular sports team like Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and many more.
We aim to encompass three sectors: direct-to-consumer retail, fulfilment services and licensing and manufacturing of sports fan merchandise

How are we different?

100% Authentic Licensed Products.
Widest range of products of every category in each team.
Multiple teams/sports available at one place
Convenient and better price in comparison to other channels.
Absorbing the inconvenience factor such as exorbitant international shipping charges, hassles related local custom duties and procedures.

Product/Service Descriptions