• Bangalore, India
  • Retail, E-commerce

A fun, quirky, bold, and versatile footwear brand for a modern Indian lifestyle.

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Team Summary

The GoBahamas team has traveled widely including lived abroad in the US & Australia and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of global trends. We are a team of 5, each with specialized skills in supply-chain management including product sourcing, retailing, distribution, and finance/accounting.


    • Janet George

    • Product Management &

    • Shinto Peter

    • Head of Sales & Distribution

    • Pradeep Peter

    • Finance & Accounting Head

    • PP Peter

    • Head of Warehousing & Logistics

    • Annapoorna KG

    • Financial Analyst

Product/Service Summary

We design, source and sell comfortable, trendy, and affordable footwear for men and women across pan-India. Our product is available at both offline (RelianceFootprints, Future Group, & Arvind Brands) and online (Flipkart & Fashionara) channels. Additionally, we also have our own e-commerce website.

How are we different?

Our ability to source good quality footwear without compromising on styles or increasing prices puts us ahead of our competitors in the casual footwear market. Additionally, we aim to constantly introduce new styles and designs that are at par with global fashion and are often not available in the Indian market.

Product/Service Descriptions