• Mumbai, India
  • Fashion

GOLMAAL has the potential of being a bennetton. The first made in india brand to go GLOBAL.

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Team Summary

GOLMAAL founders are a brother-sister duo - Sartaj Dhillon & Simrita Dhillon.
Sartaj is the visionary & came up with the concept of value selling & Simrita created the brand story & marketing buzz. She also created the collection & has given GOLMAAL the unique stylistic DNA which GOLMAAL is now known for.


Product/Service Summary

GOLMAAL is a fashion brand, affordable, functional and modern clothing. GOLMAAL is known for its unique fits, and high quality, even if it is very competitively priced. The company is vertically integrated with its own production factory and design lab, where 40 new designs are created every month. GOLMAAL sells in it's own stores & online.

How are we different?

We are different as our designs are unique, the fitting is superb, and the clothes are on-trend. We work with indian textiles but make modern clothing which can we worn anywhere in the world. GOLMAAL pays it forward, as it works with women & girls in supporting education projects. All old stock is donated, and all waste fabrics are re-used.

Product/Service Descriptions