Great Food and Beverages

  • Delhi, India
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Great Food and Beverages want to expand his unique product all over India and the region

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Team Summary

Stared up by a Mexican Multi-Entrepreneur with career spanning over 15+ years in leading different ventures and start-ups in different countries, with Expertise in FMCG , Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Food and Beverages.
The team include experts in Sales and Manufacturing coming from top companies like Dabur, Coca Cola, etc..


Product/Service Summary

A unique Fruit Juice in a pouch to be consumed frozen, with 9 month shelf life, made by a unique process in our automated plant of water treatment, including Pasteurization, which makes it Ultra Pure and not Cold Chain required.
A very high quality laminate along with the double packing ensures the utmost cleanliness and safety for our consumers.

How are we different?

We are company that is focus in the development of product experiences for kids and youngsters, our flagship product Frutchill is a unique product favorited by more than 500k kids in Delhi NCR, we are the first brand of Organized Juice Frozen Bars, selling 30k units per day, now ready to expand all over India in different saleschannels and products

Product/Service Descriptions