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Grexter is an online platform which makes renting a place easy, hassle-free and flexible

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Team Summary

Pratul is a 2011 graduate from IIT Madras. He has worked as an Associate with Acumen (a venture capital fund) where he looked at Healthcare and Housing sectors. The idea for Grexter came up while working on a housing deal at Acumen. Prior to that, he spent three years in investment banking with stints at Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.
Nikhil is a 2013 graduate from IIT Madras. He has a strong operations background. Before starting Grexter, he was Head of operations at a logistics startup. Prior to that, he was involved in his family business back home.
Parag is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Kharagpur. Prior to joining Grexter, he was working as an integral part of the core team at Vedantu. He has also spent two years with Amazon at the start of his career.


Product/Service Summary

Based out of Bangalore, Grexter provides houses on rent with "unlimited flexibility". Our USP is that we cater to the varying needs of a House seeker by offering customization on various parameters like:
(1) No. of Rooms: Single room or Full House
(2) Duration of stay: 1 months to 11 months
(3) Security deposit
(4) Furniture: Unfurnished to fully furnished

We aim to be a one-stop solution for Housing needs in the country.

How are we different?

(1) Only player to offer short-medium term (1-6 months) housing. Huge market comprised of Interns, people on projects, Surgery patients etc.
(2) We provide great flexibility to the house seeker. Thus we are able to target the entire rental housing market
(3) We use a data-oriented approach to keep the occupancy rates close to 100%
(4) We use a innovative approach to house sourcing thus allowing us to build a low cost inventory of houses

Product/Service Descriptions