GreyKernel Technoilogies India Pvt Ltd

  • Noida, India
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Team Summary

Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO
7+ Yrs experienced technology/management professional served BFSI and scaled up a German gaming start-up in India in the past.

Pranshul Chandhok, Co-Founder & CTO
5+ Yrs in games/technology development and a mentor to Indian VR devlopers community.

Praveen Dubey, Head Of Creatives
4+ Yrs in creative/3D design/leading for renowned international gaming titles.

Ashutosh Kumar, Mobility Developer
5+ yrs in mobile based AR/VR development.


    • Pranshul Chandhok

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

GreyKernel is developing immersive edutainment/experiential content/platform which could be consumed over low/high cost VR devices as well as smartphones(in 2D) enabling users to learn while experiencing the context around the content using the arcane power of Virtual Reality.

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