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Guiddoo has 5000+ travellers handled, 20,000+ Activities managed and has a 100% retention ration

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Team Summary

The Guiddoo team has a collective experience of 70+ years in the Travel, Technology and Startup segments. Vineet Budki – Founder & CEO. A NITC, IE Business University & Cornell Alumni,Vineet has been part of companies like Emirates, CS, Rocket Internet in the past and has already built Videocon
d2h Online which is a 20 Cr+ a year business.
Prashant Choudhary–CTO & Co-­‐Founder. AnIITKGP
Alumni, Prashant used toHead the Mobile Enterprise
Division at Ericson India before Guiddoo.He has strong expertise in Mobile and high Volume transactional platform development.
Nidhi Varma – Conceptual Co-­‐Founder & PR. Nidhi
is an Alumni of NM Mumbai and has 15+ years of experience in the Travel industry and chanced upon
the idea of Guiddoo during her long-­‐awaited Paris
Trip while facing the same problems that we try
to resolve today.


Founding Team

Vineet Budki


Nidhi Varma


Product/Service Summary

Guiddoo World builds In-Destination experiences for International Travellers, through Curated Tour & Activities, Engaging Audio-Visual Content & Dining-Spa-­Entertainment-­ Shopping Information for our customers.The Guiddoo team helps resolve this by discovering and curating experiences focused
towards the Indian Outbound Traveller while
managing strong in-­destination experience
control through a mix of Technology and Human
Verification. All experiences, products, suppliers and
customers are end to end tracked for giving that
100% assurance.

Product/Service Descriptions