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The all-in-one platform for pre-schools, daycare & families for a better future of our children.


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Team Summary

Me and my co-founder's experience as Engineers with large organizations(DE Shaw and Amazon) over the past few years has given us a very good knowledge base in building products at scale. We are confident of developing new products from scratch and have the relevant experience to execute plans effectively.

I am part of Amazon B2B platform( and have been involved in developing key feature for the website.

Suhas(co-founder) has been part of Amazon Transaction Risk Management System which helps in fraud detection in the amazon ecosystem.

With our diverse background within the technology space, we are confident of building a very strong product which would serve our customers and meet their need in the most effective​ way possible.


Founding Team

Yashwanth KP


Suhas GP


Product/Service Summary

Gurukul is an education technology startup which empowers pre-schools towards better administration. We provide web and mobile based applications to help pre-schools with day-to-day administrative tasks. These include attendance management, parent-teacher communication, payments from parents, etc. We also help parents get a better understanding of the time their children spend in schools through our web and mobile solutions.

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