International Level Gaming Lounge in India (Ideas for Expansions in future of with more funds is also available)

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A Gamers Paradise Unlimited Fun for the entire family with floors of e gaming n indoor games n more

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Think of a Paradise for Gamers in India. One stop shop for all types of stress relieving and fun a place with floors of advanced hitech entertainment. Think of a place which has a floor for PC games with latest tech n a floor for ps 4 games a floor for xbox games n next for motion sensing games with wii n xbox kinet n next for theaters n food etc..

How are we different?

There are countless gaming centers in India n since I did a project already I am well aware of lot of technology development and leading gaming equipments importers in india including Razer, Mad catz etc so once the actual setup is done getting required materials is too easy and we also get the certification and support of the top brands.

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