Gyaan Tel

  • Mumbai, India
  • Big Data, FinTech, Enterprise, Mobile, SaaS

Gyaan Tel uses data to help traditional retailers and marketers make smarter decisions in real-time.

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Gyaan Tel adds Metro Cash n Carry as a pilot partner for expansion.




Gyaan Tel Incorporated



Team Summary

Nishant Dixit: Co-founder & CEO: 5 years experience in strategy consulting at IBM and to start-ups with Endeavor Global and TechnoServe India. Columbia University BA.

Juan Carlos Avalos - Co-founder & CTO
8 years experience in ATM & Banking Software Development with CrediLogro$ and Banco Galicia Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Buenos Aires BS.


    • Pavan Agrawal

    • Senior Developer

Product/Service Summary

There are over 10 million traditional retailers in India and the market is 95% traditional. Traditional retail in India is a 600 Billion USD market in 2016 and is projected to reach 900 Billion USD by 2020. Similar growth patterns are occurring in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.

By replacing notebooks with a mobile B2B platform we enable SME retailers top optimize purchasing, manage sales and inventory and access finance and credit. Gyaan Tel disrupts the entire retail value chain by giving retailers a stronger voice in their purchasing decisions. In doing so we are changing the face of sales and distribution and SME financing.

Retailers benefit from increased profitability and access to credit. Suppliers and distributors benefit from engaged retailers who pay electronically and on-time. Manufacturers benefit from greater insight into consumer tastes and preferences. Consumers benefit by getting more of the products they want, when they want them.

Product/Service Descriptions