Sharukh Kumar

  • Hyderabad, India
  • HealthcareHealth & Wellness

A New Age Gym that focuses on Tech and good customer service to provide easy and convenient workouts for young adults


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Team Summary

Sharukh Kumar- BS in Industrial Engineering is a perfect fit for the logistical elements in the gym.

Sheshank Kumar- With a MBA from IESE and computer science background he is the perfect partner to allow the gym to grow YoY with good marketing strategies by tieing up with healthkart and other t-shirt companies to acquire a strong customer base


Product/Service Summary

We are offering to start a gym which predisposes all the myths associated with the term gym. Some of which are- it is boring to go for 60 mins every day and do the same thing every week, I do not see any results in my gym, I hate cardio. We go away from this notion giving a fun and excited startup with no cardio machines and a 24hour model

How are we different?

We have 0 cardio machines in our gym which provide low overhead costs. Our gym will be operational 24 hrs via key card access so there will be low cost in terms of staff. We offer all the services as a package so you will be able to eat, drink workout and live a healthy lifestyle via one single platform via our gym

Product/Service Descriptions