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Customer powered marketing & loyalty solution that transforms every transaction into a relationship.

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Launched Beta at first Customer Pronto Pastas & Noodle, Bandra(W).



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Sponsored Halloween Dessert Crawl hosted by Time Out Mumbai.



Incubated as part of the 2016 cohort at ThinQbate.



New Product Release

Pivot from tablet based model to asset light DIY SaaS model inorder to scale.


New Product Release

Launch of Merchant Dashboard 2.0: Range of new marketing automation tools added




Team Summary

The Hashtag Loyalty core team consists of the 3 co-founders - Dhruv Dewan (Sales & Operations), Karan Chechani (Marketing, Operations & Product) & Krishi Fagwani (Product, Finaces & Sales). Each of the 3 co-founders are engineers by qualification and have diverse experience from Industrial Design to IT Consulting.

Dhruv holds a BE IT from Univ of Mumbai. Post graduation, Dhruv joined E&Y in the IT Risk department, where he predominantly worked with companies in the financial services industry.

Karan holds a BE Production Engineering from Univ of Mumbai. Post graduation, Karan joined Godrej & Boyce's R&D department after which he took up a job at Teach For India as a Selection Associate.

Krishi holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Univ of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Post graduation, Krishi worked with Cisco Systems as a Systems Engineer for a while after which he moved to E&Y to join their IT Consulting department (Financial Services).


Product/Service Summary

Hashtag Loyalty is a customer engagement and marketing automation solution for businesses that help them stay connected, engage with and bring their customers back in more often. At the same time, for consumers it is a single platform through which they can earn points and redeem rewards at all their favorite places.

Through our platform, businesses can:
1. Build personalized loyalty programs. Manage earn & burn of customer points in realtime.
2. Collect customer data to truly understand who their customers are so that every insight is also a face.
3. Automate Marketing & Customer Engagement via smart triggers to create customer experiences when & where they matter the most! - All this without lifting a finger.
4. Acquire new & high LTV customers from the neighborhood via our Promotions & Partnership tools at minimal CAC.

How are we different?

Our philosophy of building a product centered around the customer experience is how we stand out. Our technology is simpler, more robust and easily adoptable on both customer & business end and we have been able to achieve exponential growth as compared to our competitors due to the same.

Hashtag Loyalty is focusing on the untapped SMB market by creating a customer facing brand that works universally across this market. There is a lack of technology support for these SMBs. We offer them a affordable technology solution to improve their profitability in this tough environment.

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