Health Bar

  • Chennai, India
  • Healthcare, Education, Social Impact

'Heath Bar' a one stop wellness center offering Fresh Juices & Smoothies and 12+ income streams

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Team Summary

Gagan Polanki - I am the Founder & Ambassador of and I have created 2 life changing video series 'The Science of Healing' a natural way to become 'Disease Proof' and 'The Science of Happiness' which has more than 2 lakh views on YouTube & Dailymotion.


Product/Service Summary

According Forbes and American economist Paul Zane Pilzer the next Trillion dollar industry is Wellness & Health Care.

'Health Bar' a one stop wellness center for Natural Healing, Organic fruits & vegetables, Fresh Juices & Smoothies for weight loss & beauty and 12 + income streams with 'videos on becoming 'Disease Proof' Naturally.

How are we different?

A perfect blend of lucrative business and a noble cause of spreading genuine ways to become Healthy, Wealthy and Happy. Also offering all natural health based products and services under one roof.

We would be at the forefront of a next big wave of wellness and health care industry - Next Trillion Dollar Industry according to Forbes.

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