• Pune, India
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A Functional foods company, aiming to attain category leadership, by own brand True Elements & increasing awareness (

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Customer Marketing Manager Sales & Marketing
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Mumbai, India
Marketing, CRM, Relationship management

Job Description
Part of the marketing team, driving repeat purchase and customer engagement processes. Building and Implementing innovative CRM plans

Team Summary

We (Sreejith and Puru) started the company, keeping preventive health care as the common theme. China was our common inspiration that triggered it. Both of us have had our corporate experience, coupled with a small team, wherein each member brings a unique strength, including HR, Nutrition, Hospitality, Finance, IT, Marketing and Sales


    • Sreejith Moolayil

    • COO & Co-Founder

    • Pradeep Gutte

    • Manager - Operations

    • Debendra Sanyal

    • Senior Analyst - Marketing

Product/Service Summary

We sell more than 8000 Health products and wellness services, that are healthier alternatives to your current lifestyle. These solutions are categorized across Lifestyle challenges, Essential Nutrients and Healthy Diet Options. Each of our solution is ratified by an expert dietitian / Nutritionist

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