Helium Ink

  • Pune, India
  • EducationSkill development

Liberalizing Innovation – Transforming Ideas to Product. Platform where research labs, contributors & innovators create value for each other

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

The founding team has average work experience of 15+ years. Perfect blend of Engineers, Researcher and Organizers. We believe an organization as living being, therefore our goal is not ‘organization’ but its ‘purpose’, people love to contribute to a purpose.


Product/Service Summary

We have Multi Sided Platform, where engineering contributors, product owners(Research labs, Contributors, Innovators) directly interact each other through being matched on their requirements. Participate in open-source/private projects and research. Cultivating ideas, innovations, and value for individuals and affiliated groups.

How are we different?

Helium Ink’s uniquely designed multi-sided platform is for teal community. This decentralizes the organization and help it grow organically, to measure and create value for everyone in the community including people who hire software people. We grow when others grow, hence rather calling competitive strategy, we call it our advantage!

Product/Service Descriptions