• Mumbai, India
  • Human ResourcesTraining, Social Impact, employability, Mobile, Consumer Internet lets employers directly hire ABCD Ayah Bai Cook Driver etc thru internet & mobiles

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Team Summary

Meenakshi Gupta Jain, Founder CEO: JNU alumnus, with 25 years of experience. Responsible for product conceptualisation, operations, and marketing.

Aditya Halan, CTO: Engineer with 12+ years of experience. Responsible for technology, development and digital marketing

Punit Jain, Founder Board Member: IIT IIMM alumnus with 25+ years of experience. Advises on strategy, alliances and marketing.


Product/Service Summary is the for the semi-skilled and unskilled workers looking for jobs as housemaids, cooks, drivers, caretakers, babysitters, housekeeping staff, office boys, courier boys etc. It facilitates a direct connect between the Job Seeker and Job Giver to transform the way Job Givers can hire people from BOP using mobiles & internet.

How are we different?

Being a self service platform using mobile for Job Givers, & aiming to be a self service model, again using the mobile, for Job Seekers we:
1.Allow faster and immediate hiring through self service model, instead of agency assisted one
2.Are Cheaper
3.Offer more options for selection
4. Are rapidly scalable
5. Provide employability training

Product/Service Descriptions