Hey Bob

  • Bangalore, India
  • Logistics, Transportation

Hey bob's a new-age transport product that integrates thevalue of a biketaxi & convenience of an app

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Team Summary

Girish has experience in consumer internet companies having worked at Nvidia, ZipDial and Zivame in the past. Vishal comes from a marketing background having worked as a consultant in Capgemini. Suman comes from an operations consulting background having worked with Capgemini and HP. Vinay is our techie who worked in the R&D dept of VMware.


Product/Service Summary

Hey Bob seamlessly connects people with places, one ride at a time. A new-age transport product that integrates the cost-effectiveness of a bike taxi and the convenience of an app. We are committed to simplifying lives by simplifying travel. You get to access a greener and more efficient form of transport that will change travel as you know it.

How are we different?

Hey Bob believes in a hybrid model of B2C co-existing with B2B services. We have scaled this complex model keeping in mind the requirements of our riders & to ensure a high utilization rate for them. We enable localization of services for each city that we operate in and don't believe in force fitting a solution which worked in one city on another.

Product/Service Descriptions