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Motor bike rideshare and parcel delivery service catering to hyper local market via tech.

Beta Launched

Startup Video



The Solution to Commutation Problem | Sankara Narayanan

HeyTaxi is a fantastic initiative that particularly addresses these pain points in commercial transportation services.

Jul 21, 2015


HeyTaxi! re-introduced as a RideSharing concept as RTO puts brakes to ferry as BikeTaxi service. | Mumbai Mirror

Ride Share by HeyTaxi Introduced along with Instant Parcel Deliveries across Mumbai.

Jun 16, 2015


Parcel Deliveries in Mumbai on Realtime Tracking! | Post and Parcel

Jun 15, 2015


Featured on NDTV (Sat. - Sun.) | NDTV News

Jun 13, 2015


Mumbai Mirror Front Page! - Taxi on two wheels could be your rush hour saviour | Mumbai Mirror

Jun 13, 2015


Hop-on to Mumbai's first ever Moto-Taxi's! | Hindustan Times

Jun 11, 2015


Featured in Mumbai's most visited Blog! | BrownPaperBag.in

Jun 10, 2015


Conception, R&D and Product Strategy.



Execution of Tech. Dev.

Freezing functional flow of the service process & start of tech. development.


Improvisation of the product

Integration of parcel delivery flow within the tech. architecture.



Brand Identity & Rider Aggregation

Rider aggregation plan & Initiation of Brand Identity & UI dev.


Pilot Project

Execution of Pilot Project


Beta Launch

BETA Launched: All Rides Free Month of June. Bandra to Colaba. Male Only.


Media Coverage



Media Coverage

Hindustan Times


Media Coverage

HeyTaxi! hits Mumbai Mirror Front Page


Media Coverage

Featured on NDTV News Channel


New Product Release

Bike RideSharing on HeyTaxi App. Updated.



Software Development & Maintenance Software Engineer
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Mumbai, India

Job Description
NowNow! Lets keep this simple. Its a two way stream, we're going to be learning from you as much as you shall learn from us.
Just drop in your CV. You'll be contacted shortly.

Team HeyTaxi!

Marketing Internship Sales & Marketing
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Mumbai, India
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Social Media Marketing, MS Office, Content Marketing

Job Description
Internship Description:

As a Marketing Intern, you will directly support the Marketing Head, in developing a series of Internal and External Communication strategies for Hey Taxi!. You will be specifically responsible for content development and execution.

Job Description:

1. Create and develop content for social media profiles.
2. Research content, articles and stories from external sources
3. Proofread articles and assist in content posting
4. Help to maintain media databases
5. Assist on events organized by the company or that which the company is a part of
6. Assist on shoots featuring the company
7. Develop PowerPoint and graphic content
8. Assist with analyzing any survey data or social media metrics
9. Assist with monitoring all news coverage for the companies


1. Excellent writing, communication and organizational skills
2. Attention to detail
3. Curiosity to understand communication disciplines
4. Experience with Photoshop is a plus
5. Strong MS product expertise
6. Presentation skills

This internship is for you if you are:

1) Still in college: Students looking for an internship, send in your resume
2) Creative & Enthusiastic: Your ideas are out of the box, you can think beyond the obvious, you can make boring content an interesting read.
3) Grammar Nazi: We love a Grammar Nazi, so if you are one, we will love you too.
4) Calm: When under pressure, do NOT stress.
5) Innovative: We are looking for think-er’s and not mere do-er’s
6) Opinionated: Always have an opinion. It is a MUST HAVE

The role requires a strong degree of multi-tasking and an ability to find humor in chaos.If you are someone who has an innate need to learn, then this is the opportunity for you.

We are a small but growing team and we love to teach, but above all we love to learn and this opportunity will be as much a learning process for you as it is for us.

Team Summary

Our Team:

Founder, CEO
Mr. Manoj Maheshwari comes with experience of managing 250+ vehicles in passenger logistics for over 25 years.
Key abilities - Systems Forming & Execution.

Mr. Vikram Lakhotia is a professional with experience in last mile delivery & road freight transportation. He holds an M.Sc. in SCM & Logistic Mgmt., SIM Global. P.P.L., SYFC.
Key quality - Operations & Asset Mgmt.

Software Developer
Mr. Rohan Maheshwari designed the architecture and flow of key controls of the tech systems for smooth operation of the automated booking and despatch platform. MSc. in Computer Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Founding Team

Specialist in People Movement and Logistics for the past 20 years with experience in the bus and car rental industry


Standard Transport Corporation (2014 - present)
Managing Director

Shree Logistics Solution (2012 - present)

Standard Transport Solutions (2008 - 2014)


SIM Global
2012 - 2013

2011 - 2012

B K Birla Centre for Education, Pune

Vikram Lakhotia


I enjoy challenges (both at start up level and business turnaround) – especially operating in an entrepreneurial framework in the context of a growing organization. Work Ethic: Completely believe in focusing on planning and controlling var


HeyTaxi! Moving... ReDefined - India (2015 - 2016)
Co-Founder, COO

Standard Transport Corporation
Managing Director

Shree Logistics Solution


Jai Hind College
Bachelor’s Degree

SIM Global
Master’s Degree • 2012 - 2013

2011 - 2012

Product/Service Summary

ReShaping the way People and Parcels are moved in realtime in the hyperlocal intra-cityscape on 2wheelers using modern internet technology.

The mission of this service is to build a network of riders connecting the city on 2 wheels so as to enable delivery of various services to households, business and the citizens at their doorstep.

Product/Service Descriptions