• Chandigarh, India
  • Social Network

hiFella is a social network used to connect with your friends and followers.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Founder -
Name : Chaitanya Sharma
Age : 17 Years Old
Location : Chandigarh India

This network is built by Chaitanya Sharma (Founder), all alone. The funding would be used to grow hiFella and hire team of professionals to make it even better and revolutionary with great new features which are already decided.


Product/Service Summary

hiFella is a social networking service made in India. You can connect with your friends and followers but without mixing your public and private lives. You can filter your updates stream to see update from your friends only or the people you are following only. This way updates from your friends and followers would not be mixed.

How are we different?

hiFella solves the problem that you have to go to different social networks for different kind of works. For example - You go to Facebook to connect with your friends, go to Twitter to go to connect to followers etc. At hiFella you can manage both of them and also you can discover what other people are doing on hifella by going to discover tab

Product/Service Descriptions