HighOnBooks (Company not registered yet)

  • Mumbai, India
  • Internet, Mobile

eBooks reading platform. Access our full library to choose to read from on a beautiful interface

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Nakul Bajaj - Founder (Non- Technical)
(Looking to recruit Technical Co-Founder to create the platform, along with a team for the same)


Product/Service Summary

A digital platform for reading books. One can access our full library of eBooks, chosen carefully from the list of major publishers and authors on a monthly/quarterly/ yearly subscription basis. One will be able to read upto a fixed no of books in the timeframe. Also we will include Video interviews with people talking about books read by them

How are we different?

This current model does not exist in India except Scribd. Video interviews as an influencer with eminent people talking about books they have been inspired by also not there. This is a key differentiation. Add a social platform for Authors to interact and advertise will make it into a complete experience

Product/Service Descriptions