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the Health PROBLEM Causes of blindness in India 1-CATARACT Affordable :- Comprehensive eye check

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Team Summary

Dr. Premal Afinwala, Founder & CEO: An Ophthalmologist by training and having 11 years extensive exposure in the field before starting Hindustan eye care in 2015. He has realized that a dynamic approach to solving unique problems in an innovative manner is the key to success. What drives his efforts to develop and work is a desire to create a long-lasting solution to make eye care available to the rural population. He has learnt that a dynamic patientcentric approach is the key to solve the Problem


Founding Team

Premal Afinwala


Product/Service Summary

Accessible, Affordable & Inclusive eye care for rural India
Meet Jitu from Puni village in Surat district in Gujarat state. He is a cultivator, and weaver. He can’t see clearly at his arm’s length. He struggles every day to make a living because h e doesn’t afford to come to the town, 40 km away, to check her eyes and buy a pair of glasses.
85% of India’s population lives in villages and 40% of them have some form of low vision. Like J tu, there are millions of people who lose productivity and can’t better their own future due to treatable eye problems.
We are looking for partners to solve the challenge and we look forwards to your help & support

What do we do ?
Hindustan Eye Care is a sustainable social enterprise dedicated to providing quality, affordable, accessible and inclusive eye care solutions to people living in un- or under-served communities.
Every person to be able to exercise his/her right to see and lead a productive and

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